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RE enables pupils to make informed and thoughtful personal responses. Learning from experience and religion also enables them to engage with, analyse, interpret and critically evaluate the views of others, including religious believers. Through this critical thinking, pupils will learn to recognise that people see things in different ways and respect the right of others to hold views that are different from their own.

Table of topics

Year 7 Year 8Year 9 
Introduction to Religions and World Views

Study of Judaism

Study of Christianity

Study of Islam
Study of Hinduism

Study of Buddhism

Rites of Passage


Spirited Arts
Ultimate Questions: Evil and Suffering; Life after Death, Religion versus Science, Miracles

Ethics: Animal Rights, Abortion

Religion, Human Rights and Justice

GCSE Religious Studies aims to deepen students’ knowledge and understanding of Christianity and Islam whilst also allowing them to study a range of ethical issues and a range of religious perspectives on them. This includes issues such as prejudice, war and violence, relationships, crime and punishment and matters of life and death. Students are encouraged to relate these themes and differences to their own lives and well as developing a societal and global view.

We aim to equip all students with the ability to think for themselves and to be open minded to other points of view. GCSE Religious Studies offers opportunities for students to further develop their skills in verbal and written communication, analysis of scriptural texts, as well as the ability to craft, evaluate and justify an argument.

Table of topics

Year 10Year 11
Component 1:
Christianity: Beliefs, Teachings and Practices

Component 2:
Theme E: Religion, Crime and Punishment
Theme A: Relationships and Families
Component 1:
Islam: Beliefs, Teachings and Practices

Component 2:
Theme B: Religion and Life
Theme D: Religion, Peace
AQA A GCSE Religious Studies 
Paper 1: The Study of Religions: Christianity and Islam
Written examination: 1 hour 45 minutes
50% of qualification 

Paper 2: Thematic Studies 
Written examination: 1 hour 45 minutes
50% of qualification

Mr D Major| Subject Leader – Humanities | majord@prentonhighschool.co.uk