At Prenton High School, we use a facility called ParentMail, which allows parents to pay for any trips or events online and to enable us to communicate with parents via email and text message.

Online Payments

Benefits to parents:

  • You can make payments for school trips, revision guides etc. 24 hours a day.
  • You can choose to pay by credit card for no extra fee allowing you to budget costs.
  • You can top up your child’s catering account online, and review what has been bought from the Dining Hall.

Electronic Communications

Benefits to parents:

  • Messages will get to you reliably and on time.
  • We can send messages directly to parents and other carers at the same time.
  • Emergency or important information can be sent by text message.

If you do not have access to this facility please contact the finance team via email,; this system is very easy to set up.

Online Forms

Benefits to parents:

  • Parents can use this to report their child’s absence from school.
  • Parents can consent to activities electronically, reducing paper.