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In year 7 students have 2 lessons per week. They study 4 topics which are: basic music skills; environmental sounds; elements of music; exploring sounds.

In year 8 students operate on a carousel with other arts-based subjects. They spend 27 lessons learning about these three topics: film music; theme & variation; samba.

In year 9 students have 1 lesson per week. They undertake 2 mass projects which focus on different skills throughout the year. Within musical theatre, students perform and compose music from the musicals. They learn about the different jobs available within the music industry, creating and producing their own songs. They also perform a full piece as part of an ensemble. These activities help develop the different skills needed to access the GCSE music curriculum in year 10.

  • Syllabus: 1MUO
  • Examination board: Pearson
  • Qualification: GCSE Music. Graded 9-1.

Component  1: Performing – 30% Internally marked,  externally moderated

Component  2: Composing – 30% Internally marked,  externally moderated

Component  3: Appraising (Listening) – 40% Externally examined 1hour 45 minutes

Section A – 8 Questions : 68 Marks (Based on 8 set works)

Section B – 1 Essay style question : 12 marks

This course stretches students academically through the Listening Paper and 8 set works.  In addition to this the course will require students to create 2 pieces of original music.  One to a choice of 4 set briefs (released in the September of the second year of study) and one free choice.  Students must  preform 2 pieces of music.  One must be a solo and one must be an ensemble.  These pieces are a free choice for the students and can be performed on any instrument of their choice.

Whilst not compulsory, study of an instrument/singing lessons greatly enhances a student’s  experience of the course and can help to improve performance grades.  These can be taken in school or privately.  Students are also encouraged to attend music extra-curricular groups to help develop important performance and confidence skills which will aide them in improving their overall grade.

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Department Staff:

Mrs C Burns | Subject Leader – Music & Performing Arts | burnsc@prentonhighschool.co.uk
Mr A Gill | Teacher of Music