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In Years 7, 8 and 9 students have one lesson a week. Our curriculum takes a spiraled approach allowing students to revisit topics in more depth in later years and explore age-appropriate issues. Topics are taught with other subjects in mind and build on cross curricular links, for example lessons on puberty work alongside the biology taught in science but focus more on emotional wellbeing and personal hygiene.  

Example Table of Topics

Year 7Year 8Year 9
One lesson a week covering 6 units. Transition including establishing friendships, study skills, strengths and weaknesses, sleep and road safety. Celebrating difference exploring multi-cultural Britian and challenging stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination and bullying.  Developing skills and aspirations investigating future careers and aspirations. Growing up looking at periods, hygiene, self-esteem and FGM. Healthy, happy, safe relationships including developing romantic feelings, healthy relationships, consent, gangs and online safety. Politics, parliament and me; exploring how our country is run and the working of parliament, political parties, voting and elections. One lesson a week covering 6 units. Emotional wellbeing including attitudes to mental health, the impact of social media, unhealthy and healthy coping strategies.  LGBT+ exploring sexuality and gender identity, challenging prejudice and discrimination. Drugs and alcohol investigating tobacco and e-cigarettes, alcohol, VSA and energy drinks.  Exploring careers looking at personal interests and careers, types of careers and the local labour market. Healthy, safe relationships including relationships online, sharing sexual images, delaying sex and an introduction to contraception and STIs. Financial decision making investigating safe financial choices, saving, spending and budgeting and taking risk. One lesson a week covering 7 units. Crime and punishment exploring the law, legal and court system, the role of the police, gangs and knife crime. Substance misuse including drugs and the law, risky situations and the risks of drugs. Setting goals and employability skills looking at personal strengths, online profile, types of careers, qualifications and preparing for options. Conflict and loss exploring different types of families, conflict at home, divorce, homelessness, loss and bereavement. Healthy lifestyles including healthy choices, self esteem and first aid. Intimate relationships investigating consent, healthy relationships, how the media portrays relationships, body image and attitudes towards pornography.

In KS4, Learning for Life has one lesson every two weeks. Our curriculum builds in depth on topics covered at KS3 and includes additional workshops to support careers learning and aid discussing sensitive topics. Students do not work towards a qualification in Learning for Life, their studies help support their personal development. 

Year 10Year 11
1 lesson per fortnight covering 4 units.  Mental health and wellbeing including how to adapt to change, the importance of mental health, body image and healthy coping strategies.  Families looking at long term relationships, marriage, fertility and pregnancy, abortion and parenting. Exploring influence including assessing risk, managing influence under drugs, county lines and available support. Gambling investigating how to manage risk, controlling risk and support available.1 lesson per fortnight covering 4 units. Addressing extremism and radicalisation investigating extremism, the role of social media, responding to peer pressure and radicalisation. Safe relationships exploring healthy relationships, the media and body image, pornography, stalking and harassment and online blackmail. Keeping healthy looking at life style and the risks of cancer and knowing how to self-examination for breast cancer.  Financial decision-making including saving, borrowing, security and fraud and how to be financially savvy.  

Department Staff:

Mr P Furlong | Subject Leader – Learning for Life | furlongp@prentonhighschool.co.uk