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Our GCSE at Prenton offers students a wide range of skills that enhances their learning across the curriculum. Students will evolve their knowledge and skills from KS3 in order to develop into analytical thinkers with an academic writing style. We focus on British and American History over the past thousand years, charting the change and continuity that have impacted our diverse communities. Students’ passion for History is cultivated by the study of under-represented groups in historical narratives, for example Elizabeth I’s battle for legitimacy, witchcraft, North American genocide, struggle for Black American rights and treatment of civilians in the Vietnam War. History is a well-respected subject amongst many employers, sixth form colleges and universities and can lead to careers in law, politics, education, media and local government.

Table of topics

Year 10 Year 11
Crime and punishment in Britain through time, 1000-present

Early Modern

Industrial Revolution


Enquiry: Whitechapel 1880s

Early Elizabethan England 1558-1588
Problems for Elizabeth

Spanish Armada

Tudor society
The American West 1830-90
Migration to and settlement of the West

The persecution of the Plains Indians


A divided nation: USA 1954-75
Civil Rights

The Vietnam War
Exam board: Edexcel GCSE History
Nature of examination:3 x written exam papers
Paper 1 – Crime and Punishment through time
Length of paper: 1 hour 15 minutes
% of final grade: 30%

Paper 2 – Period and Depth Studies
Part A – American West

Part  B – Early Elizabethan England
Length of paper: 1 hour 45 mins
% of final grade 40%

Paper 3 – USA 1954-75
Length of paper: 1 hour 20 mins
% of final grade 30%

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Mr D Major | Subject Leader – Humanities | majord@prentonhighschool.co.uk