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This course is vocational and will cover the necessary knowledge and skills for those who want to  pursue a career in Health and Social Care.

The OCR Cambridge National is a level 1/2 qualification. It is graded Level 2 Distinction*, Level 2, Distinction, Level 2 Merit, Level 2 Pass, Level 1 Distinction, Level 1 Merit, Level 1 Pass.


One externally assessed unit, which is mandatory and two Non-Exam Assessment units.

What will I learn?

To work in a health or social care setting, it is essential to understand the rights of individuals, person centred values and how they can be applied. This qualification will help you to develop this knowledge and to understand the importance of effective communication skills when working in these settings. You will also develop the skills needed to ensure a safe and hygienic environment for those in care. 

Both of the following mandatory units:  

R032: Principles of care in health and social care settings

This unit is assessed by exam. In this unit you will learn about the key topics that are important when caring for and protecting people in health and social care.

R033: Supporting individuals through life events

This unit is assessed by a Set Assignment. In this unit you will learn about growth and development through the life stages. You will also learn how to understand the needs of individuals who have been affected by life events and how to recommend support to meet their needs.

You will complete an NEA on the following:     

R035: Health promotion campaigns

This unit is assessed by a Set Assignment. In this unit, you will research health promotion campaigns and learn about their benefits to society. You will also plan and deliver your own health promotion campaign.

How will I learn?

Emphasis will be placed on occupational relevance and practical application. The course will  involve group work and individual learning, case studies and class exercises.

How will it help me?

The course will provide a broad educational basis for further training, further education or for moving into appropriate employment within Health and Social Care sectors.

Future progression: Healthcare assistant; Healthcare support worker; Home care support worker; Community support worker; Social Services officer; Midwife; Outreach development worker; Care supervisor; Nurse.

  • 60% Internal Assessment
  • 40% External Assessment

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