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At KS4, students study the OCR Cambridge National in Enterprise and Marketing.

The course encourages students to develop the practical skills they will need in the business and enterprise sector. Students put their learning into practice and develop valuable transferable skills, beneficial if they are considering starting up their own enterprise/business.

Key areas of study are:

  • Marketing and market research
  • Finance
  • Types of business
  • Developing a product
  • Branding
  • Pitching an idea

The course is suited to those who are looking at working in marketing/finance or interested in starting their own business.


Year 10Year 11
In year 10, we will mostly be focusing on the first coursework unit – developing a business proposal. Students will be given a brief by OCR, in which they will be asked to develop their own business proposal to meet the brief.   Topics covered as part of this unit are: Market researchCustomer profilesDeveloping a productReviewing the financial viability of a proposalReviewing the likely success of the business proposal   Towards the end of year 10, we will introduce the other two units which students will be studying in year 11. Each teacher will teach one of the units each, according to the specialism of the teacher.In year 11, we will work on the 2 remaining units.   One teacher will cover the second coursework unit – market and pitch a business proposal. This unit takes the work covered in year 10 and develops the idea into a proposal which you will pitch.   Topics covered in this unit are: Developing a brand identityCreating a promotional campaign for a brand and productPlan and pitching a proposalReview a brand proposal, promotional campaign, and professional pitch   The other teacher will cover the examined unit – enterprise and marketing concepts. This unit takes some of the prior learning from year 10, introduces some new content, and applies the content to different business case studies.   Topics covered in this unit are: Characteristics, risks, and rewards for enterpriseMarket research to target a specific customerWhat makes a product financially viableCreating a marketing mix to support a productFactors to consider when starting up and running an enterprise
Exam board: OCR Cambridge National in Enterprise and Marketing
RO67: Enterprise and Marketing Concepts 1 hour 15-minute written exam, sat at the end of year 11 – worth 40% of the overall marks   RO68: Developing a business proposal Piece of coursework undertaken in year 10 – worth 30% of the overall marks   RO69: Marketing and pitching a business proposal A piece of coursework started towards the end of year 10, and finished in year 11 – worth 30% of the overall marks

The course is an excellent introduction into the world of business for anyone interested in starting their own business.

Skills you will develop on this course:

  • Research
  • Creativity
  • Decision making
  • Communication and presentation skills
  • Written communication
  • Numeracy – applying maths skills to unfamiliar concepts
  • Problem solving

For more information about this course visit: OCR Website

Department contact:

Mrs C Allison | Teacher of Enterprise & Marketing | Teacher of English | allisonc@prentonhighschool.co.uk