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The Computer Science and ICT Learning Journey provides a general overview of what students will cover in this subject.

Computer Science and ICT plays an increasing vital role in our everyday lives. We aim to develop confident ICT skilled students who can access and use a wide range of applications internally on the network and remotely via a range of devices to aid access across the curriculum.

The skills and knowledge that students will acquire in Computer Science and ICT, will underpin all other subjects within the curriculum offer. Examples include:

• How to search efficiently and safely on the Internet, which is used across all subjects

• Modelling and programming, which underpins Maths

• Visual literacy, programming, and web design, which supports English Language

• Programming and sequencing; a great topic to encourage critical thinking

Our aim in Computer Science is to ensure that all our students:
• Know and understand how to keep safe and away from harm, whilst using the Internet and other communications facilities.
• Are able to explore and become confident, using emerging technologies.
• Develop a range of transferable skills.
• Use technology effectively, creatively and imaginatively.
• Are able to identify and understand when and where to use skills and Computer Science and ICT knowledge, in other areas of the curriculum. To extend, support and enrich learning across the whole curriculum via a range of applications.
• Develop a Growth Mindset through inquisitive problem-solving tasks and debugging code.

But above all we strive to make our students selective, confident, and skilled enough to become independent users of technology.

Health and Safety
Basic Skills
Intro to programming
How to Use Computers Safely
Game Creation
IDEA Award
How Computers Work
Desktop Publishing
Mobile Phone APP Creation
Web Design
BBC Microbit Programming
IDEA Award
Further Programming
Media Project
Computer Crime and Cyber Security
Computational Thinking and Logic
IDEA Award
Architecture of the CPU
Primary and Secondary Storage
Data Representation
Networks And Topologies
Wired and Wireless
Technologies System
Security System
Software Algorithm Creation using sequence,
selection and iteration Programming Project 1
The integrated development environment
Algorithm creation using flowcharts, pseudocode and programming languages
Programming Project 2
Evaluation of Topics Covered
Nature of examination:
2x written exams
Paper 1 Unit J277/01 Computer Systems 1 Hour 30 Minutes 50% of final grade
Paper 2 Unit J277/02 Computational thinking, algorithms and programming 1 Hour 30 Minutes 50% of final grade 

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Mr T Simon | Subject Leader – ICT & Computer Science | simont@prentonhighschool.co.uk